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About Southern Machine Solutions 

Making a profit in woodworking is hard.

In today's economy, many companies are turning down work because they can't find enough labor to produce it.  Being able to pump out a few more jobs each year can make the difference between red and black.  You should invest in your company when business is strong and there's certainly a lot of people running around ready to sell you the latest technology.  But there's not many people willing to help you figure out what you need.

As founder of Southern Machine Solutions, I worked in the furniture industry before, during and after receiving an industrial engineering degree from NC State.  After watching most of the furniture industry cease US manufacturing, introducing a wave of new technology to the custom woodworking industry was a natural career move and one that I'm still passionate about 20 years in.

Southern Machine Solutions has strong partnerships that make a responsive, nimble support team.  Kevin Simmons, a senior technician specializing in PLC controls and especially CNC, is located in north central NC.  The national sales manager for Casadei Busellato, Jeff Farr is in Charlotte. Casadei Busellato headquarters for North America in Brighton MI is fully staffed with technicians, trainers, warehouse personnel, office and logistical staff to make the sale, delivery and support experience one that will make you recommend Casadei Busellato to others.

Contact me however you wish.  Let's talk about your challenges, figure out the best way to overcome them and take your business and profitability to the next level!​

All the best!  Bill Blackmon

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