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Service and Support 

Service and support is much more than repairing your machine when it's down.

Repairing a down machine is big part of service and support and to that end, Southern Machine Solutions partners with Kevin Simmons, a veteran technician specializing in CNC service and support.  Kevin lives in north central NC and so travel expenses are minimized.  We also have access to all Casadei Busellato technicians based in Brighton MI as well a close-knit network of independent techs throughout the country.

Another, more important component of service and support is training.  When a machine is down due solely to a component failure, these situations are usually easy to diagnose and often can be solved over the phone and through online diagnostics.  When a machine is just performing poorly or is out of calibration, more often than not, this is due to misuse by the machine operator, who, in many cases, hasn't been properly trained.

We commit to properly training, and re-training your employees to minimize machine downtime and eliminate misuse that often turns into dissatisfaction with a piece of equipment.

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